Begin the work
2 min readJan 28, 2022


I’m beginning a series of posts that might sound theological in nature, and in many ways are based in my theological training, but within this blog they represent the beginnings of my philosophy on the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Moralist vs Ethicist

What is the difference between Christian moralist and a Christian ethicist?

Moralist: Concerned with how others live their lives, comparative to their own.

Ethicist: Concerned with how they, themselves live their life.

Moralist: There is right, there is wrong. Black and white. Moral and Immoral.

Ethicist: The right way is not the only way. There are many ways to right. Wrong can sometimes be right.

Moralist: The end justifies the means.

Ethicist: The means may be more important then the end.

Moralist: Position of authority.

Ethicist: Posture of a learner

Moralist: Judging — structured.

Ethicist: Perceiving — open, flexible.

Moralist: Rules

Ethicist: Principles

Moralist: Love the person, hate the sin.

Ethicist: Love the person.

I hope my bias is clear. Ethics of grace, long suffering, temperance, gratitude, love, joy, peace are guiding principles to build an inclusive society striving for harmony— connection by conversation.

Moral vs immoral confines the conversation to doctrine and dogma. Creating an exclusive society where you are either in or out, heaven or hell, right or wrong — polarization by proselytization.